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Add Files to SharePoint libraries

SharePoint Online tutorials by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconSharePoint document libraries are often the best way to share documents within an organization, and it is certainly much better than sending e-mail attachments. When you use SharePoint document libraries for file sharing you have everything in one place, and all who have been given permission can reach the library.

SharePoint libraries also give other benefits:
  • Sharing documents via SharePoint is safer than sending attachments, and when you use SharePoint you avoid that mailboxes are filled up with attached files.
  • SharePoint libraries give a good overview over the files.
  • Use the powerful SharePoint Search to find information.
  • The SharePoint Versioning feature lets you see earlier
    versions of each item. SharePoint Alert buttonThe
  • You can let SharePoint notify you when documents have
    been changed.
  • You can create different views in the SharePoint library.

SharePoint Document Library views

Files can be added to SharePoint document libraries in several ways, and in a few tutorials Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, explains the various methods. They can be used in SharePoint on-premises too, and all methods except drag and drop files work with earlier SharePoint versions.

Most file types can be added to SharePoint libraries, but there are some exceptions. Refer to Microsoft's information on file types that cannot be added to a list or library

When you move files into SharePoint as described here, you should be aware that with most methods the file creator, creation date, security settings and other metadata is NOT copied to SharePoint. Learn what you can do to keep as much as possible in our article about Metadata Retention.

For new files, the best option is the create them in SharePoint directly, so Peter starts with a demo that shows how to do that:
Create content in SharePoint

Other tutorials explain how to add already created files to a SharePoint document library:
Also refer to the kalmstrom.com blogpost about adding content to SharePoint libraries.

If you want to e-mail files to the SharePoint library, we recommend the kalmstrom.com Solution SP Attach, a solution which uploads files to SharePoint libraries directly from Outlook. A link to the uploaded file will be added in the e-mail.

SP Arttach logoSP Attach changes the default behaviour of the Outlook "Attach File" command, so that the attachment will not be added to the e-mail but published to a SharePoint document library.

Regular e-mail attachments can still be sent to people who do not have access to the SharePoint site.

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