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kalmstrom.com Product Ideas

Presentation of what might come

These solutions and application are not yet developed. Instead they are prototypes or just ideas that have been tested by the kalmstrom.com developer team.

I hope we will get a chance to develop these new products, but I cannot say when, as we always give priority to updates of the software customers are actually using already.

I welcome sponsorships for the development of these products.

Please contact me if you want to know more!
Peter Kalmström
CEO and Systems Designer
kalmstrom.com Business Solutions


Document Tagger for SharePoint libraries
Document Tagger logotypeFind the right documents by tagging them with keywords! Document Tagger will not only suggest suitable keywords for your documents but also make it easier to categorize them and to find the info you are looking for.

We have a Beta version of this solution, but for now we have prioritized development of other products.


List system for structured documents
Many organizations have a lot of documents with instructions on how business should be performed. These documents are often so highly structured that it is suitable to transfer them to a SharePoint list where the tems are made up of the different sections of the document. This way users don't have to open documents to find what they are looking for.  See more in the demo!

structured documents in SharePoint list

Office and file server

Templates Manager for file server.
Manage and find the right template for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. 

SharePoint + Exchange + Windows Azure

E-mail Converter Azure We want to develop a new version of E-mail Converter  that runs on Windows Azure instead of on Outlook. It will run around the clock and with a very simple configuration automatically convert e-mails into SharePoint tickets.
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