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ShareTask logotypeSubscribe to the Share Task Sandboxed Solution, and let all staff manage SharePoint tasks in their smart phones.

is a Silver Solution, licensed with a subscription. Once a month ShareTask calls out to the internet to check the registration.

The subscription fee includes:
  • Unlimited installations in your organization's SharePoint Online tenant
  • Support
  • Free upgrades
There is no initial cost and no extra fee per user or installation.

The fee per organization is EUR 53 /USD 60 per month or EUR 583 / USD 660 per year

To use ShareTask in a smart device, each user should get the ShareTask app from a mobile store. There is no fee for the app, but it can only be used together with the ShareTask Sandboxed Solution.

Monthly payments with credit card via PayPal or eSellerate:

After you have created the subscription the fee is withdrawn from your credit card automatically each month. You can pay in most currencies, but the price is fixed in EUR for PayPal and in USD for eSellerate.


Yearly payments

You are also welcome to pay per year with credit card or with a bank transfer. Please contact our Sales Department, and we will send you an invoice.

Support Terms
Your e-mails answered within 24 hours*     You ask – we answer
Remote connection services   Sometimes solving the problem on your computer is the best. We can help you set up the software or solve problems.
Free upgrades of the applications you have purchased licenses for   Never worry about upgrades – always use the best
Influence on future versions and features   We will listen to our paying customers first

You are purchasing an upgrade that makes the application work even after the free trial period. Please make sure that you are happy with the trial version before subscribing. There is no refund for this software, and your purchase does not put Kalmstrom Enterprises AB under any other legal obligation than to keep your ShareTask working as long as you keep paying for the subscription.


We hope you will find ShareTask so useful that you will be happy to keep it year after year, but you can cancel your subscription anytime if you don't want to use ShareTask anymore. Click one of the links below to see how to do it when you have a subscription with monthly payments.


After you have cancelled the subscription at PayPal or eSellerate no more fees will be taken from your credit card and ShareTask will stop working after the month you have already paid for.

When you pay yearly, send an e-mail to and tell us that you want to cancel your subscription. No more invoices will be sent to you, and ShareTask will stop working when the current subscription year is finished.

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