Install SharePoint Designer 2010

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconSharePoint power users need to have SharePoint Designer installed. The 2013 version is included in the Office 365 subscription, and it is essential to create workflows and import folders and files.

However, in some cases also the 2010 version is useful. SharePoint 2013 sites can be opened in the original SharePoint Designer 2010 – so you should not install updates! – and SharePoint Designer also gives you Microsoft Picture Manager, which is not included in SharePoint Designer 2013 or the Office 365 Pro Plus.

NOTE: There is no supported way to block the updates on Windows 10, so if you want to run an un-patched version of SPD 2010, keep it on a Windows 8 or Windows 2012 machine, not Windows 10. (The Windows 10 installation Peter uses in the demo is new and has not yet been updated.)

In later demonstratations in the SharePoint Online from Scratch series, Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, will show some tips that require that SharePoint can be opened in the 2010 version of SharePoint Designer.

In the demos below Peter first gives an overview over what to consider if you use SharePoint Designer 2010 with SharePoint Online. Then he explains how to find and install SharePoint Designer 2010 and how to open a SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer 2010.

Peter also shows how to find and install SharePoint Designer 2013, but for a more detailed instruction, refer to an earlier article.

In the third demo Peter shows what to do if you have already installed the SharePoint Designer 2010 updates.

Install SharePoint Designer 2010

  1. Search for the Microsoft download page for SharePoint Designer 2010 in a search engine.
  2. Download the setup file.
  3. Run the downloaded file.
  4. Accept the license conditions.
  5. Click on the 'Install Now' button.
  6. Open SharePoint Designer when the installation is finished.
  7. (If you need to install .NET Framework, you will get a message about that. Control Panel >Programs and Features >Turn Windows features on and off.)
  8. The first time you want to open a site in SharePoint Designer 2010, the "Help Protect and Improve Microsoft Office" screen is displayed. If you want to be able to open SharePoint 2013 sites in SharePoint Designer 2010, do NOT use the recommended settings. Instead, select the option 'Don't make changes'.

Open a site in SharePoint Designer 2010

  • In SharePoint Designer, click on Open Site.
  • Paste or write in the URL to the site you want to open. Note that only the first part of the URL you see when you open the site should be entered.
  • Click on Open.

Get rid of SharePoint Designer 2010 updates

If updates already have been installed on your computer, you cannot open a SharePoint 2013 site in SharePoint Designer 2010. Solve this by either uninstalling each update or by uninstalling SharePoint Designer 2010 and install it again, with the option 'Don't make changes', as described above.

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