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SharePoint 2010 Workflow for Overdue Alert to Manager

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconWhen you want to create a workflow that sends an alert when a task that has not been completed on time, you cannot use the workflow options to send automatically when a task is created or changed.

NOTE: This workflow no longer works well. It will be removed as soon as the new edition of SharePoint Online from Scratch has been published. By keeping the article until then, we can reach the book readers with the information.

Instead you want the workflow to be sent when the task is overdue, and that should be set in the List settings. Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of kalmstrom.com Business Solutions, shows how to do it.

Peter uses SharePoint Designer 2013, which allows you to create both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 workflows. For this workflow he has to use the SharePoint Designer 2010 workflow.

Create a SharePoint 2010 workflow that sends an e-mail to a person or group when a task is overdue

For this workflow Peter uses the Sales Manager field he created in the previous demo.
  1. SharePoint Designer 2013 iconOpen SharePoint Designer.
  2. In SharePoint Designer, open the site that has the list you want to send notifications for.
  3. Open the Summary page for the list.
  4. At Workflows, click on the New button.
  5. Give the new workflow a Name and a Description and select the Platform Type, SharePoint 2010 workflow. Click OK.
  6. Click on the Condition button in the ribbon.
  7. Set the conditions for the workflow. In this case select 'If current value field equals value' and select the field Task Status.
  8. Select 'not equals' and then Completed.
  9. Click on the Action button in the ribbon.
  10. Click on 'these users' and select Workflow Lookup for a User.
  11. Click on Add and select the Person or Group who should receive the notification at 'Field from source'. The 'Return field as'  should be Email Address. Click OK
  12. Enter a subject for the e-mail to be sent. Peter adds a lookup for the title of the overdue task.
  13. Add body text and a lookup for the Assigned To field.
  14. Check no option or only the first one at Start Options in the Workflow settings.
  15. Publish the workflow.
  16. In the List settings of the SharePoint list, click on the link 'Information management policy settings'.
  17. Click on the Task Content Type link.
  18. Check the box for Enable Retention.
  19. Click on 'Add a retention stage'.
  20. Select to base the retention stage on the Due date + 1 day.
  21. Select the action 'Start a workflow'.
  22. Select the overdue notification workflow you just created and click OK.

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