SharePoint Online Permissions

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconSharePoint permission levels can be very easy if you use the default settings, but if you want more control you need to understand how the permissions work. In the demos below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, explains how the SharePoint permissions are built and how they can be changed.

Also refer to the Blog post about SharePoint Online permissions.

Default permission

By default SharePoint users have Edit permission. This is new from SharePoint 2013 and a rather high permission that even allows a user to delete whole lists. In the first demo Peter shows you you can set another permission and also create your own permission level.

Permission inheritance

SharePoint sites, lists and so on beneath the site collection level by default inherits the same permissions as the higher level. You can change this too and set unique permissions down to item level. In the first demo Peter also explains how the inheritance works and how you can break it.


Since these demos were recorded, Microsoft has made some changes to SharePoint Online, so now it is best to reach the permissions settings via SHARE >Shared with >ADVANCED, not via the Site settings as Peter shows in the first demo below.

SharePoint Shared dialog

Security groups

The second demo gives a tip for easier permission management: create groups of people who have the same permission. A team site by default has three groups: Owners, Members and Visitors. You can add new users to these groups, but you can also create your own permission groups.

Refer to Microsoft for more information about SharePoint permissions.

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