Share SharePoint Information Outside the Tenant

A SharePoint Online tutorial by Peter Kalmström

SharePoint iconOne of the most important reasons for using SharePoint is that you want to share information within a company or organization. However, sometimes you also need to share SharePoint documents with people outside the tenant.

You can of course send the document to the external people who need to see it, but you will have better control and you can keep metadata and workflows if you instead share the document from inside the library.

In the demo below Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, shows how to share a whole SharePoint site with people outside the tenant without having to create user accounts for them.

Peter also shows how to share just one document via the new experience 'Share' or 'Get a link' command.

SharePoint Share and Get a link commands

Peter is using a SharePoint Online team site with the default sharing settings.

Important to think about when sharing externally:
  • All users get Edit permission by default, even if they are external.

  • When you use the 'Share' options, you can see the external person you have given access to in the SharePoint permissions, but not until that person has accepted the e-mail invitation or made changes in the shared file/shared site.

  • The 'Get a link' option gives various alternatives for the link, with different permissions and with or without login, and you can set an expiration date for the link.

  • When you use the 'Share' option you can see which user has changed the file. The 'Get a link' option only mentions a 'Guest Contributor'.

Administrators can set rules for external sharing in the SharePoint Admin center, so all options shown in the demo might not be visible in your tenant. (The site collection setting is shown in the beginning of the demo about Excel Surveys.)

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